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Townsville Shock Absorbers
Cairns Shock Absorbers
For the safety of your car and 4wd we are your Cairns & Townsville car suspension experts
Formula Shock Absorbers

Formula Shocks are proudly developed and owned by Fulcrum Suspensions. Formula incorporates two ranges of shock absorbers to make sure that Formula Shocks can improve the ride of both Passenger vehicles and 4WDs, and to create the most comfortable ride for every driver at an affordable price. The Formula Struts and Shock Absorbers for Lifted are built tough to suit the harsh Australian conditions, each application has been meticulously designed, tested and approved to be part of the range. By utilising the highest quality components, like NOK seals and SuperPro Bushings, the build quality of the Formula 4x4 range of Struts and Shock Absorbers is market leading! As suspension experts, Fulcrum has utilised all of its technical experience in the 4WD sphere that brings to market the best quality and value for money, 4WD Strut & Shock Absorber combinations available. All Formula Shocks are covered by a 3 Year 60000km Warranty.

Cairns Suspension
Townsville Suspension
Cairns 4wd lift kits
Bilstein shock absorbers

They are the leader in gas mono tube shock absorber technology. Bilstien makes monotube gas pressure shock absorbers, single tube MacPherson struts and twin tube MacPherson strut suspensions. The German made Bilstein 4WD shock has been specially designed for our Australian conditions.

SACHS brand shock absorbers

SACHS has been chosen by the world's leading vehicle manufacturers as original equipment for consistent superior ride-control with the highest quality. Whether it's a Shock, Strut or Insert, SACHS products are built to exacting standards leaving no room for shortcuts or compromise. SACHS have a range of shock absorbers from standard to lowered vehicles incorporating shortened body shock design for maximum comfort and handling.

Adjustable Koni shock absorbers

Fulcrum Suspensions can fit and recommend the right shock absorber for your vehicle. Engineered to perfection. Koni Shock Absorbers claim to be the World's best suspension dampers. All KONI Shock Absorbers are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of: 24 months / 40,000 kms.

Townsville 4wd lift kits
Townsville wheel alignments
Cairns Wheel Alignments
Monroe Shock absorbers and struts

Monroe supplies leading car manufacturers with struts, shock absorbers and high level modular assemblies as well as the aftermarket products from their manufacturing facilities in Adelaide, South Australia.

SuperPro roll control

SuperPro suspension poly bushes and bushing kits

Fulcrum Suspensions can fit and supply an extensive range of poly bushing and suspension bush kits including:

Vehicle Kits of the most popular parts for front, rear or complete vehicle.
Complete assembly kits with bushings and SuperPro value add technology.
Easy selection via the online catalogue, we make the choice easy.
Limited Lifetime warranty.

SuperPro bushing products are formed using our own engineered product designs and are made using a proprietary engineering grade polyurethane formula with unique material properties. SuperPro Polyurethane is a special elastomer based material which gives an extremely durable suspension product boasting the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic.

Townsville Power Steering
Cairns Power Steering
Townsville Shock Absorbers
TEIN premium quality performance suspension products

TEIN is one of the most recognised names in coliover products, producing beautifully crafted, perfectly designed suspension units that enhance your vehicle to its full driving potential. Whether you chose the entry range of units for your street drive or the full track specified units for your racing machine, all are created with Japanese precision and engineered to perform to every task presented. Fulcrum Suspensions is the only Authorised distributor of TEIN products in Australia.

Power steering servicing and repairs

Most of todays modern motor vehicles have power assisted steering and many of these fail early in their operating life through lack of periodic service, adjustment and poor driver habits. Whilst a power steering service is rarely found in a normal service manual, our tests indicate that the power steering fluid has lost most of its premium properties within 30000 kms of use. To improve the life of your power steering system, have it regularly serviced and consider installing a filter to trap any contaminates. We have a large range of exchange and new power steering units listed to suit most vehicles.

Wheel alignments & correction kits

Trust Fulcrum Suspension Townsville & Cairns with all of your wheel alignment and correction kits to keep your car safely on the road. By having your cars wheel alignment periodically checked and maintained you are assured of safer motoring as well as improved tyre wear.

Cairns Shock Absorbers
Cairns Suspension
Townsville Suspension
Suspension repairs

Superficial checks may reveal only the symptons of your car's unsafe condition - bald tyres, for instance - but not its cause. There may be hidden dangers such as worn steering and suspension joints or faulty shock absorbers, all of which increases your vehicle's braking distance, increases body roll and in general makes the vehicle difficult to control, especially at highway speed.

At Fulcrum, we use a mechanical front-end testing machine which simulates road forces exerted on the vehicle's front steering and suspension and gives our technicians a clearer indication of movement in the bushes and joints.

If your vehicle is needing repairs we will give you an obligation free written costed quote. It's that simple. All we ask you to do is phone and book in a time for your FREE steering and suspension check.


FREE multipoint suspension check
Cairns 4wd lift kits

Our service Centres are Townsville and Cairns’ number 1 suspension specialists. See us about our range of suspension servicing options including the most comprehensive FREE multipoint suspension check in the industry with an obligation free repair quote.

the Cairns & Townsville suspension experts
Townsville 4wd lift kits

The harsh conditions even on the so called normal roads in Townsville & Cairns create a massive strain on your vehicles shock absorbers and suspension components. Thanks to the professionalism of our dedicated team your car’s suspension will be tailored to suit our environment.

quality, professionalism & product knowledge
Townsville wheel alignments

All your steering and suspension repairs & upgrades, wheel alignments and expert advice. See us about our range of suspension servicing options including the most comprehensive FREE multipoint suspension check in the industry.

4wd legal lift kits

Check out our range of 4wd lift kits available in our Townsville & Cairns stores where you can make your 4wd tailer made to suit your driving needs. go almost anywhere. With our street legal options for 4wd lift kits you’ll love our Cairns and Townsville products and how they can transform your 4wd into a pleasurable driving vehicle. an unstoppable machine.

Cairns Wheel Alignments
Townsville Power Steering
Make your car stand out from the crowd with our expertly installed street legal lowered suspension kits

Engineered by the worlds leading brands
Fully installed and setup legally and safely
Manufacturer backed warranties

We are your local Cairns and Townsville suspension specialist outlet with a nationwide buying network and a range of genuine products and accessories to get your car running efficiently. Whether you need Cairns suspension advice for private or fleet vehicles we can offer realistic options to maintenance items along with performance upgrades. Our Townsville suspension centre has been established for many years and has always focussed on getting customers cars running smoothly. We also have a great Cairns shock absorbers service centre that helps customers get great handling and safety on our unique road network. Similarly our Townsville shock absorbers workshop can get your car handling perfectly and also save you money on unnecessary tyre wear. It isn’t only suspension work though, our class leading Cairns power steering services are second to none and we can help with routine servicing to full overhauls and even replacements. The same great range of products and services are offered with our dedicated Townsville power steering service and repair workshop where we cater to the needs of our commercial and domestic customers who all rely on us keeping their vehicles running safely and efficiently. If you need Cairns wheel alignments or Townsville wheel alignments you should see the amazing technology we now have on offer in both cities to accurately setup your cars suspension geometry so that it stays as the manufacturer intended - doing so regularly will save you money on unnecessary tyre wear and even fuel economy. For the more extreme customers we provide the best Townsville 4wd lift kits in the region and fit these within legal requirements while also helping setup the car so it can handle the toughest off road expedition. We also have a huge customer base of Cairns 4wd lift kits patrons who equip their machines to handle the toughest tracks the cape and beyond have to throw at them.
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